Telephony On Cloud

Empower your business with the simplest Cloud Telephony plans including IVR, Call Recording/distribution and excellent reporting Simplest Cloud Telephony Plans for IVR Services. Unlimited Calls, Unlimited Channels, Unlimited Recordings, Unlimited IVR, Unlimited Minutes at only 7,500 per user per year.

Ideal Cloud PBX and IVR Solution for Offices and Call Centres

Small Offices

Get an Incoming Number, which works as auto attendant, IVR System, Call Distribution. Never Miss a call.

Multi Location Offices

Don't invest in multiple PBX'es. Get call Distibution from Central Number With Consolidated Reporting.

Call Center Solution

Instantly create a full featured inbound or outbound Call Center without infrastructure cost.

Enjay Synapse Online - Solution Highlights

  • IVR
  • Call Recording
  • Call Distribution
  • Enjay CRM Integration



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