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Proud BNI member Since 2009

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Joining BNI

I was a visitor at BNI Prosperity in April 2009. First thing I realised that BNI can give me best training in business. Joined BNI in June 2009 to get best business training.

Personal Growth with BNI

I thought of business training as a Goal to join BNI. But in few months I could realise apart from that I was getting lot of help in developing myself as a person too. Connected me to the world of champions who were roaring to grow together. It landed me right into middle of the flow of knowledge and business network. It changed the way I did business.

Business Growth with BNI

My journey started in June 2009 at BNI Prosperity. As a fresher at BNI my focus was to get connected to all group members. So first thing I did was started working on 60 secs weekly presentation for 60 mins every week. Soon I was known as a 60 secs man of Prosperity. Soon I could catchup on a WORD said by other member and make my own presentation on the spot. This helped me to build good relation with group members faster. In first year I remember to get more than 5 lakhs of business from the group which I felt was a BIG Boost.

Every week I would keep speaking about BNI to all my friends and customers at meetings. It was like a new TOY for a KID in me. This TOY was always on TOP priority to share with every person I met. My friends started showing interest in coming in the meeting as a visitor.

Every Week one or more visitor were with me for Prosperity meeting. Once there were 6 visitors with me at a meeting. Many of my visitors started joining BNI through Prosperity. Got a GoldClub Member recognition for this achievement. This was the FIRST GoldClub member in Prosperity.

Called upon to Launch a New chapter for BNI Pune East. There were 17 other members at that Launch Director info session at Hotel Kapila. Executive Director did put one condition to all. Make a list of your contacts to start the launch asap. I was the only one member who produced a list of 42 contacts to be invited for new chapter Launch. First info session has 35 contacts in the room our of which 24 joined in forming BNI Achievers chapter for Pune East. Starting on 2011 till date I have launched chapters from A to K for Pune East Region. Achievers, Bountiful.. Dynamic.Inspire..Harmony, Kites…

Since 2009 till date I have built a referral engine in BNI which is helping me year on year to grow in business with little efforts.

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