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Equips you with different kinds of features like call recording, soundboard, and analytics.

CRM Software

Manage important tasks like Lead Generation, Sales, Support, and improves business efficiency.

API for Integration

Our software makes communication across your applications smoother and easier by integrating them.

Mobile Apps

Our apps increase productivity by keeping people updated with real-time information wherever they are.

IVR Solutions

A call center and IVR system, which enables you to connect with your customers through voice.

A smart IVR system that answers your queries, helps you through the sales funnel and even gives product recommendations.

IVR system that also provides the best possible experience to your customers. From the moment they pick up their phones, until the time they hang up, our IVR offers a customer service experience like never before. 

Call Center Solution

Voice Broadcast System

Secured Voice Broadcast System for making your announcement or broadcasting message to all the people through voice call.

It is a cutting-edge product that enables you to send automated voice messages to your customers for marketing, feedbacks, registrations and confirmations etc. This one-of-a-kind system will help you connect with your customers better via voice calls.

We offer a wide range of Inhouse Bulk Voice Calling system to send Automated Voice Messages to your Customers for Marketing, Feedbacks, Registrations, Confirmations etc.

Outbound Conference Call

A revolutionary, easy-to-use, economical and most importantly, effective telephone conference call service that enables you to do Scheduled Outbound conference call for once or for repetitive occurrence also.

It is a feature-rich and innovative product that helps you to run your conference calls in an effective way. Using this system, all the participants who are participating in the call are automatically added to it and they need not be called separately. The System calls them to join the call. Not only this, but also with the help of this system you can record all calls so that you can refer to it whenever required.

This lets the users save time and concentrate on the meeting itself.

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