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Sangam CRM has enabled Sansui to increase sales and suppot efficiency.

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Sansui Electronics Pvt. Ltd., is a manufacturer, supplier and exporter of various kinds of weighing scales & weighing systems. That includes price computing & counting scales, platform scales, table top scales, jewellery scales, jewellery and high accuracy balances, milk weighing & rating system, weighbridges, heavy duty platform scales, etc.


Sansui was using other CRM Software to manage their customer relationship in Sales and Support. After using that CRM Software for few months the team felt like they are still facing trouble in managing their sales and support. Existing CRM Solution system had limited features and benefits and it was unknowingly hampering the productivity of Sansui team.

Along with challenges in sales and support management, they were also facing lot of challenges in managing the calls for the sales and support. They had to multiple calls, with multiple customers and agents.


We discussed how Sansui is using CRM Software for Sales and Support now. Then what are their expectations from the tool they are looking for now. We setup a demo for them. In this demo each point was covered. We could walk through Sangam CRM and display how the process in expectations will look like. Sansui team found it very helpful and in the process they also understood the loopholes of their previous system which was putting limitations on their scalability.

 Sangam CRM is designed for the Sales and Service Executives to enable them and act as a force multiplier for them. At the same time, it also provides great information and reporting for the bosses. But ease of use is the first priority.

Along with Sangam CRM Software we helped Sansui with Enjay Synapse Telephony Solution. Sangam CRM is very tightly integrated with IP PBX which makes it more effective while managing customer relationship and calls together.


Sansui is now very satisfied with their sales and support management system. Sangam CRM Software and Enjay Synapse has enabled Sansui to increase sales and support efficiency rapidly.

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  1. Success story is very good. It will be helpful if you put tangible benefits achieved in manpower saving & customer response time reduction etc . As For any business model reduction & Gains are very much eye catching.

    1. Hi Sanjay

      They have improved turn around time to 4 hours for all service calls.

      Each lead logged into the system reaches its result as qualified in 1 day.

      Thanks for your feedback

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We are launching Free Sangam CRM and CRM Certification Courses
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We are launching
Free Sangam CRM and CRM Certification Courses

on 24th Sept 2022 at 11:00 AM