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Mist Ressonance Engineering was founded by an engineer and entrepreneur Shri Arvind Chitale in 1980’s. He was very innovative in approach to any question or situation in life. During the course of trading of PVC Pipes he struck a deal for a new concept of Mist Cooling. Built his business on that concept. Mist Resonance is flourishing on the basis of this concept even today.

Makarand his son is following his foot steps and taking his baton ahead. Reaching greater heights of business.

We were approached by Chitale Saheb (as we fondly refer him always) for various computer needs since the time we started business in 1986. Soon we got into discussions about how to use available computers in those days to the best of capacity. These discussions reached a stage where I once said to him “I have decided not to argue with you any more in life” And his reply to this was a big surprise to me. He said “You say this because you do not want to learn out of any discussion”

The whole approach changed after that for me in dealing with Chitale Saheb. He was always looking at how he can help others around him. He was a true GIVER in life. He must have touched lives of many people.

We have got life long referrals from him to make our business grow in Industry vertical since 1986 till date.

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