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Customer Support System Started Working In Just 15 Days

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Retailware Softech Pvt. Ltd. Specializes in software solutions for micro, small and medium retailers. Having been in this industry for more than 20 years and having over 5,000 installations across the country. They started with grocery, extended to garments, pharmacy, jewellery, sweet marts, footwear, innerwear, agri machinery, mobile stores, tea outlets, cafetarias etc. Pretty much all verticals within the retail space.


  • Most customers of Retailware Softech would want to speak directly with a support agent – someone who can take remote access into their PC in realtime to troubleshoot the issue.
  • Agents were receiving random calls and hence managing multiple calls with multiple agents and customers was extremely challenging task for them. More challenging thing was the call should must go to the agent who is available to take a call at that time.
  • As a result, they were missing support calls and support requests were getting escalated. Their team was facing trouble to be efficient, as they were spending lot of time on manual tracking, calling and reporting.
  • Their goal was to serve customers by providing them the best support which will help them run their business seamlessly.


While meetings with their management team we understood their challenges and we solve their challenges with Enjay Synapse Telephony Solution.

Enjay Synapse is an IP PBX Phone System powered by time-tested IP PBX Software used by more than 400 Happy Customers. Enjay Synapse IP PBX supports all kinds of telephone lines, like PRI lines, PSTN (regular PSTN lines), GSM (Mobile SIM Cards). Enjay Synapse can be used as a VoIP PBX since it supports all types of VoIP gateways. Enjay Synapse Solution comes with Support (regular 8×6 and 24×7) to ensure Business continuity and Technical Help.

Enjay Synapse comes with complete and secured API to integrate to other software. Retailware Customer Support Software got easily integrated with secured APIs of Enjay Synapse. The integration and implementation was so fast and effective that the system stared working for them just within 15 days.

Customers can call in the support number and get connected to an executive ready to take control of their computer remotely in order to help solve the system software problem right away. Any call missed was addressed to in under one hour.


  • Retailware Softech Pvt Ltd has systematic support system where the call immediately gets connected to the agent who is available to serve the customer.
  • Efficiency of their team increased due to systematic calling.
  • Zero support calls remain unaddressed for more than one hour.
  • Support escalations decreased.

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