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Even after 10 years, we could help them restore old data.

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Tan Swa Technologies Inc has been in the field of manufacturing Control Panels for different verticals of industries since 1995. They have their works in Rabale MIDC on Belapur Road with a workforce of 70 people excluding those on shop floor, assembly and dispatch. 


  • Work at Tan Swa includes Documentation and offers for new Projects. Concept Drawings and final drawings with versions for each project. Photos of manufacturing stages for each panel in the project. Final Dispatch details with Photos of Dispatch for each Panel. 
  • They had a need for managing the above data with proper tree structure in place. 
  • Access rights for above tree stagewise important as this data reference was required by different departments at different times


At the discussion table we had Sanjay and his team from each department to freeze on the process for doing above job.

We concluded that they can work on simple Network attached Storage which Enjay built in those days. 

Process was simple but had to work 24 x 7 to have access as per the chart made on the table that day.

All this took us 1 week to implement because of two main reasons. One is that Tan Swa is following a strict discipline at work. As in they use this storage to keep data at a designated place on the tree  and there was never a deviation by anyone in the staff. So they also could refer to that data when required in time.

Recently they got one inquiry from a customer whom they had serviced in 2014. When preparing for the offer they shared exact details of what was done in 2014 with Important Photos at a super fast speed. This effort helped them to close the order for that customer. This customer also sent in a testimony by saying they did not have so many details about the panel they were using for so many years.


  • Tan Swa has ordered a second such storage in 2017 to sync with the first storage. This created a copy of the same data for them on a regular basis.
  • Even today we could help them restore this storage in case of an OS crash after more than 10 years.

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We are launching
Free Sangam CRM and CRM Certification Courses

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