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Build great customer relationships

CRM gives you access to all customer-related insights, helping you to foster stronger relationships and take informed actions to grow revenue.

How Sangam CRM Helps You?


Sales CRM

Streamline your sales and hit your sales targets

Marketing CRM

Enhance your marketing and connect with customers

Helpdesk CRM

Keep your customers happy with great customer service system
CRM Software

Sales CRM

  • Helps sales people close more deals. It combines data from all your sales and marketing tools into one place. By letting you know your sales pipeline, also helps you guide your sales team to the next best step to take.
  • It streamlines every step of the entire sales pipeline and helps enhance the overall customer journey with automation.
  • Moreover, it provides a 360-degree view of the sales pipeline so you can check which deal requires immediate action and set the priority accordingly.
  • Along with streamlining the sales process, a sales CRM also helps you save time and manage your tasks effectively.
  • From prospecting, communication, lead scoring, contact management, sales pipeline management, activity tracking, to sales reporting, Sangam CRM offers it all.

CRM For Marketing

  • Helps you to automate your prospecting effort and messaging effort and help you to reach more people and get more customers.
  • When you have multiple contacts, it becomes very difficult to nurture your leads. But with Sangam CRM you use multiple channels like Email, SMS, WhatsApp, to reach to your prospects and nurture leads.
  • You can reach your customers based on their account category, industry, product category and region. The tool allows you to automate your prospecting
  • Create drip marketing campaigns and send automated emails and messages to your customers using a wide variety of templates
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Helpdesk CRM

  • Helps you manage your business’s customer service requests with ease and efficiency. You can easily set up a helpdesk with built-in features, such as the ability to track and organize your tickets
  • Rapidly respond to support tickets, manage the helpdesk, and track the entire process, without ever leaving the gap.
  • Use the SMS and Email support to contact your customers and get them to contact you by support. Send them SMS and Email confirmations to request them to check their ticket or to remind them of their tickets. Support your customers with ticket and customer support.

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